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Online Minors

Communication Studies

Communication skills are consistently among the most sought after skills in the workplace. No matter what your major is or where you are employed, communication will be an important aspect of your job. A minor allows you to formally document your knowledge of human communication.

Forensic and Investigative Science

The minor will provide students with a broad-based understanding of the fundamentals of forensic science. The minor recognizes the growing national interest in forensic science by introducing students to the technical and legal aspects of the field. The convenience of online classes makes it easy for the working professional.


The current cluster of courses for the online History minor is designed primarily to give students a basic knowledge of American and Appalachian Regional history, with the opportunity for more specialized study in upper division courses. Students should emerge not only with a firm grasp of the American and Appalachian historical experiences generally, but a more nuanced understanding of the political, social, economic, religious, and cultural factors that have shaped those experiences as well. Students will also acquire skills of critical analysis by examining various historical sources as part of regularly scheduled class assignments and will be introduced to the writing of history. A firm grounding in history has long been considered excellent preparation for graduate and professional (especially law) school, while recent research has revealed that government and the private sector often seeks out individuals who are articulate in history, which is the basic aim of this minor.

Political Science

The purpose of this minor is to provide students with knowledge of Political Science. Minoring in Political Science can also provide a very useful complement to students majoring in related disciplines such as Philosophy, Economics, Women's Studies, Geography, History, and Sociology/Anthropology.

Professional Writing and Editing

The cluster of courses in professional Writing and Editing are designed to introduce you to the theory and practice of writing business and technical documents to prepare you for writing in the professional world. Online writing courses are particularly challenging and in order to succeed in them, students must have strong communication skills, a high degree of motivation, and an ability to work independently.

Religious Studies

The minor explores the great world religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Coursework permits students to study religion across cultures. With a religious studies minor, students will have a foundation for any vocation that requires one to work and interact with people from other cultures and faiths. Examples of such career fields include medicine, business, education, and law.